The pasty legged, legged it.


This little chicken  was not going to be beaten by the little flurries of the rain, can rain be flurries or is that a term only for snow?!


i hope you didn’t get a glimpse of my pasty legs as lord oh lord, they are really white, actually whiter than white, they were even white in the summer, i just think white is the new brown. (that’s my story and i’m sticking to it)


had a great workout at the gym, worked upper  back and arms, then i ran home…up, the, hill.  Seriously, i think i am so talking up the hills.   But as i have heard before, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


As i sit in my comfy new bar stool,  pondering my efforts and drink my  yummy shake….. my thoughts drift  as i take a moment to shed a tear for those affected by the Boston Marathon explosions this morning.

This is both  devastating and  a timely reminder that this could happen anywhere, and it did just that, but of course it didn’t happen by its own admission, person or persons of some nature took the time to plan this tragedy……and so many other tragedies that have plagued our world as of late.

I say a quiet prayer that my family are constantly kept safe, and that all  affected by this tragedy are kept in Gods hands. And that we wake up and see how we are changing the face of this world, how are we contributing to heal this sick and  slowly dying earth.?

May God Bless you and your day today…………

Boston Marathon Explosion……

here are some Getty image photos…i couldnt bare to put on a video.





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