Homemade Laundry Powder…..

I have had quite a bit of time lately pondering my life and getting back to my roots, per se.  When i was growing up as a teenager i used natural skin care products, drank herbal teas, trained as a Massage Therapist, made my own skin care products and took many a natural concoction to keep myself on top of my game.   It almost feels like a different life now.

But on saying that, over the last few years i have returned to making skincare products. This i have realised, makes me really happy. And this is my life and i just happen to be writing the story.

Over the last few months i have decided that my life needs a revamp and i need to start putting less chemicals into my body and used around my home. i am pretty good on the whole and try not to have too many chemicals around my home , but i know that i can do better.

And that gets me on to why we are here, homemade laundry powder.
i had been contemplating whether i could or could not make the above said product. “of course i could”, i echoed. So off i trotted to Bin Inn, bought the products needed and promptly plonked them on my kitchen floor, where they have sat for the last 2.5 weeks, waiting patiently, not making a sound as i mused their fate in my kitchen.  I threatened them seriously that i was indeed going to use them and they will enjoy the experience.!

And today , Anzac Day, was the day they would blend as one!
Sounds all rather dramatic i know…… so here goes.
I surfed the net for ideas and recipes and came up with this one. http://www.sophieslim.co.nz/2013/02/diy-homemade-laundry-powder.html . i tweaked a little bit to suit myself…(this is my recipe after all)
There seemed to be a repeating theme of Washing soda, borax and soap. Some recipes call for baking soda, but i decided to omit this:


1 cup Washing Soda    (also known as soda ash, washing crystals, can be a mild irritant on skin, eyes and lungs, so use with caution)
1 cup Borax 
140 grams of Lux flakes

Homemade Laundry Powder

i wanted a nice fine powder so i blended my washing soda in my wee blender.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 481

Weighing the soap flakes.  i was going to use the Dr Bronners Castile soap, but decided to try the soap flakes first.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 483

then i blended the soap flakes with the washing soda, poured into my mixing container and then blended the borax with the rest of the dry mix.  i did this in a couple of batches as my blender is little.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 484

Mix everything  well and pour into an airtight container, put on lid and shake well, label.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 491

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 488

i bought a special container to store my mix as too often than not when i reuse a spray bottle, i forget what is in the bottle as i fail to relabel them…. often. (one day i will learn)

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 485

As i am writing this , my first load of towels is being dealt with by my laundry mix….i decided to wash it at 30 degrees, just because i could. will wait and see I have also been  tempted to make liquid detergent, so watch this space

Have you made laundry powder, what recipe did you use ? i would love you  to share your thoughts and experiences……..


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