Career vs Job …follow your passion?

When I was in high school a few decades ago, (feels more like centuries) there was this focus on finding your career and working in a job that you would do….forever.

It seems to be the same still as I watch my children decide  on who or what kind of life they are designing for themselves.  I just think they haven’t worked that one out yet, but neither have I.

Now me  when I was a 17 year old ” free bird” deciding what I would do for the rest of my life was the most daunting thing ever, so I took it upon myself to do subjects at school that I enjoyed, didn’t tax my brain too much and if I happened to miss a few days here and there for really important “me” time that was okay.  I knew I was ahead of my times back then.  As the big buzz words now seem to be “me” time, mindfulness, meditation and yoga and of course social media.  Social media was no where to be seen when I was in school.  We socialised with others, picked up the telephone, yes a telephone and read the paper or cool magazines like Dolly.  who remembers Dolly magazine?

Now days when the home phone rings, I sit looking at it, pretend to run to answer it, meanwhile running the other way and encourage another family member answer it. Just like the other evening, it rang, I ran up the hall way, (away from the one in the kitchen) and saw my son had answered it, yaaay  success, until he handed it to me.  Hello? I said and this telemarketer called me by name, I swear I could feel the collagen fall from my face as it drooped to the floor.

Let me tell you now, I wasn’t keeping count of how many times she said it,  but by the end of the mind numbing marketing call I hated the sound of my name.  At one point, as the computerised voice read off her cue card, I found myself to be sitting at the computer and searching for something or other when I suddenly heard a voice in my head…. aaaah whoopsy… I had forgotten she was still there trying to coax me in parting with my hard earned cash for her cause, but not  her cause, she was getting paid, how much of the money if I donate goes to her boss?

The sound of her voice broke the anaesthesia, my mind had wandered like a magpie beholding something sparkly and gorgeous, she repeated my name another 5 fricken times, I had to stop the poor woman there.  “Ahh hello” I said brazenly, “umm I’m really sorry, but I won’t be giving you money this year, and I am now a little bit sick of the sound of my name thanks all the same” she stopped mid sentence and said something like “oh” her step had been broken, I had gone off script, she couldn’t understand what I was saying, so I stopped and finished with ” good luck for the rest of your calls” then the mousey voice in my head said” please don’t call  me again”.    and we mutually agreed to end the call and hang up.

This is one of these times when life becomes confusing, was this marketer in a career or a job, as I’m sure there wasn’t any passion there, she may have relished in talking to new people daily, she maybe struggled to connect and couldn’t understand what went wrong..

When is it a career and when is it a job, and who is the decider in this equation?

To me and those raised in a school system, a career, (we  had always been brainwashed) was  that you study for a specific topic and then proceed to work at that thing till your dying breath. I never grasped that personally

You can see why that seems a little scary.  A job is something that you  just did to pay the bills and have little commitment? or was it….


The Oxford Dictionary states:



  1. an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.
    “he seemed destined for a career as an engineer like his father”
    synonyms: profession, occupation, vocation, calling, employment.
     *  (of a woman) interested in pursuing a profession rather than devoting all her time to childcare and housekeeping.  “a career girl”


    1. move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way:
      “the coach careered across the road and went through a hedge”


a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price:

She gave him the job of mowing the lawn.
a post of employment; full-time or part-time position:

She was seeking a job as an editor.

anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility:

It is your job to be on time.
an affair, matter, occurrence, or state of affairs:

to make the best of a bad job.
the execution or performance of a task:
She did a good job.


Those seem simple enough to grasp, don’t you think?

Some people would say that a career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression towards lifelong goals.   While a job is Job is an activity through which an individual can earn money. It is a regular activity in exchange of payment.

My question is, are they any different?

Is this safely left to the sometimes uneducated to decide what is what, and if passion comes into it what does that make it?

Fire your thoughts on where your beliefs lie, and does it actually matter, if so, who does it matter to at the end of the day?


Quick Quiz:

  1. Career or Job?

Paris 01.01.2012 134


2.Career or Job?

paris day 3 03.01.12 079


3. Career or Job?

paris 04.01.2012 030

4. Career or Job

Paris 01.01.2012 167

5. Career or Job?

paris day 3 03.01.12 058



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Homemade Laundry Powder…..

I have had quite a bit of time lately pondering my life and getting back to my roots, per se.  When i was growing up as a teenager i used natural skin care products, drank herbal teas, trained as a Massage Therapist, made my own skin care products and took many a natural concoction to keep myself on top of my game.   It almost feels like a different life now.

But on saying that, over the last few years i have returned to making skincare products. This i have realised, makes me really happy. And this is my life and i just happen to be writing the story.

Over the last few months i have decided that my life needs a revamp and i need to start putting less chemicals into my body and used around my home. i am pretty good on the whole and try not to have too many chemicals around my home , but i know that i can do better.

And that gets me on to why we are here, homemade laundry powder.
i had been contemplating whether i could or could not make the above said product. “of course i could”, i echoed. So off i trotted to Bin Inn, bought the products needed and promptly plonked them on my kitchen floor, where they have sat for the last 2.5 weeks, waiting patiently, not making a sound as i mused their fate in my kitchen.  I threatened them seriously that i was indeed going to use them and they will enjoy the experience.!

And today , Anzac Day, was the day they would blend as one!
Sounds all rather dramatic i know…… so here goes.
I surfed the net for ideas and recipes and came up with this one. . i tweaked a little bit to suit myself…(this is my recipe after all)
There seemed to be a repeating theme of Washing soda, borax and soap. Some recipes call for baking soda, but i decided to omit this:


1 cup Washing Soda    (also known as soda ash, washing crystals, can be a mild irritant on skin, eyes and lungs, so use with caution)
1 cup Borax 
140 grams of Lux flakes

Homemade Laundry Powder

i wanted a nice fine powder so i blended my washing soda in my wee blender.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 481

Weighing the soap flakes.  i was going to use the Dr Bronners Castile soap, but decided to try the soap flakes first.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 483

then i blended the soap flakes with the washing soda, poured into my mixing container and then blended the borax with the rest of the dry mix.  i did this in a couple of batches as my blender is little.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 484

Mix everything  well and pour into an airtight container, put on lid and shake well, label.

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 491

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 488

i bought a special container to store my mix as too often than not when i reuse a spray bottle, i forget what is in the bottle as i fail to relabel them…. often. (one day i will learn)

April 2013  football and misc, laundry powder 485

As i am writing this , my first load of towels is being dealt with by my laundry mix….i decided to wash it at 30 degrees, just because i could. will wait and see I have also been  tempted to make liquid detergent, so watch this space

Have you made laundry powder, what recipe did you use ? i would love you  to share your thoughts and experiences……..

And so it was, the year that never existed

i have just finished reading a chapter of Gretchen Rubins ‘The Happiness Project”  quietly turning the pages as my husband tries to sleep beside me.  i’m quite annoying like that really, i like to go to bed later than him.  I need either a good book to read to get me there earlier (true !) or i need to be really tired.

He goes to bed earlier and needs his sleep, i can go a few days on little sleep until it ‘hits’ me.  sometimes can be a recipe for disaster, on both accounts.

anyways, i lay there trying to be sleepy, since it is sleeping time (apparently). i’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but sometimes a feel sleep is such a waste of time.  but then i know i actually do need it.  surprise, surprise.   the reported wind is swiftly battering at our house,  successfully helping to keep me awake.

as i lay in my bed trying to bring on sleep, my thoughts drift to last year, 2012, which in my mind was the worst year of our lives.  a year that i chose to not have ever existed….that feels like a gross understatement.  i then take a moment to ponder that in actual fact, it probably had the potential to  have been worse.

it began in January when my dearest, beloved Grandmother, passed away while  my husband and i were overseas.  this was heart breaking for me on so many levels, but heightened by the fact that we had left our children in New Zealand while we were in Europe for 4 weeks.  They were my representatives at my Grandmothers funeral.  They did me proud.

There were some small blobs of happiness like when i took my daughter to the Taylor Swift concert up in Auckland.  This was a lovely weekend , but also revealed much sadness too.

We “lost”  our daughter to the mental illness of obsessive compulsive disorder early on in the year, and this was just the beginning of  “2012, the year that never existed”. we didn’t think it could get any worse. we were wrong.

My son had a great year of sport and was fortunate enough to travel to Lower Hutt and attend Rangers FC Club Academy.  And travel to Wellington for another of his passions, Futsal.

As the year progressed, I pulled on all the powers that were available to me.  i was going to need everything i had and more.

i had a new mantra  “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”.  Things had to change, and i had to be the change.

life continued on the very rocky road that we had been thrown on. i didn’t like it, and i didn’t want to be travelling on it. period.

i went through all the stages of grief, more than once.  i thought i was being really smart and jumped 3 stages and went straight to acceptance.  i thought i was so clever, until i realised that i was going back over those i had bypassed.  me, not so smart.!

A lot of the year was a blur, a bit like childbirth, my brain seems to be able to filter useful information and not so useful.  quite thankful i think.

As the year was coming to an end, things changed.   Nothing was predictable, it was out of my control.

to end ‘the year that never existed”, our beloved family Cat, Anthony became sick with stomach cancer and thyroid problems.  she had been a wonderful, wonderful cat, and i cry often as she is no longer with us.  we were totally unselfish and had her put down.  i wanted to be kind to  her, and to remember her beautiful little face as our gorgeous loyal cat whom had been with us for 12 years.  We had no idea how old she was, but estimated she was about 17 years old.  she was the Grandmother.  My children loved her, my daughter misses her as do  i.

this is the prayer that i read, as we buried her in our garden…..

Poem For Cats

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly
For my human friends are troubled

For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don’t they understand? asked God
That you’ll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is….forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts

That I am always with them
I just am….forever and ever and ever.


St Anthony




The pasty legged, legged it.


This little chicken  was not going to be beaten by the little flurries of the rain, can rain be flurries or is that a term only for snow?!


i hope you didn’t get a glimpse of my pasty legs as lord oh lord, they are really white, actually whiter than white, they were even white in the summer, i just think white is the new brown. (that’s my story and i’m sticking to it)


had a great workout at the gym, worked upper  back and arms, then i ran home…up, the, hill.  Seriously, i think i am so talking up the hills.   But as i have heard before, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


As i sit in my comfy new bar stool,  pondering my efforts and drink my  yummy shake….. my thoughts drift  as i take a moment to shed a tear for those affected by the Boston Marathon explosions this morning.

This is both  devastating and  a timely reminder that this could happen anywhere, and it did just that, but of course it didn’t happen by its own admission, person or persons of some nature took the time to plan this tragedy……and so many other tragedies that have plagued our world as of late.

I say a quiet prayer that my family are constantly kept safe, and that all  affected by this tragedy are kept in Gods hands. And that we wake up and see how we are changing the face of this world, how are we contributing to heal this sick and  slowly dying earth.?

May God Bless you and your day today…………

Boston Marathon Explosion……

here are some Getty image photos…i couldnt bare to put on a video.




have i finally flipped?

there must be something  wrong with me, its pouring outside, and i am running to the gym.   its only about a 15 min run, down hill, but uphill of course on the way home.


yesterday and the last few weeks have been beautiful and sunny, but today Rain and i decide to run.?!!!

but fear not my pretties, i will take my cell phone (where would we be without these?! ) so i can then phone my mr handsome  and get him to pick me up!!

oooh i can hear the rain softening, so without further adue  i will face the wet world of positive ions and get out there and go to the gym! wish me luck my pretties.









Ode to all things Eiffel…..

The other day as I was scanning through my photos, I  discovered some quirky ones that had sections and segments of the  Eiffel Tower  as well as some full shots, so I promptly declared in triplicate, that on this day,  she deserved her own post.


You may or may not have  noticed that there  is a stark lack of night shots of the Eiffel Tower… this just happened to be due to our jetlag.  We arrived in Paris on New Years Eve….but sadly we were soo tired that we didnt even see New Years 2011 in.  How bad is that?.  It took us about 4 days to completely recover. We were falling asleep at about 6.30pm, but then waking up earlier in the morning.  Bad jetlag, bad.

Jetlag aside,  no way at any stage was my  enthusiasm compromised  for the sites of Paris. (much)


We decided to walk up the Tower, rather than taking the lifts, we (well me) are young and fit things, how tough can it be?. REALLY easy actually, but perhaps not if you are really unfit. Don’t expect me to put a fit or unfit meter on this post.  Use  your intuition here, but, if you live on donuts, fast foods and additives….one can safely surmise that you may be unfit. ‘nuf said.


The line just happened to be much shorter than the rest and price was very reasonable.  I walked up to the first level, but just couldn’t face walking any further up. my brain just couldn’t handle it.  As you can see from the photos the day was a clear stunner.

Lucky for you I found a nice photo of the Tower on New Years Eve 2011 .


I think she is an absolutely outstanding piece of architecture, built completely for show and to be taken down many, many years ago.  The more I saw her, the more i was in awe of her and all of those who worked on her….(and lost their lives on her)


In my opinion there is nothing I have been privy to  that is more glorious than the Eiffel Tower.  I am more than happy to be challenged on this.


These images are small, however when you click on a photo,  you are magically transported to a slide show….enjoy.

I am interested in to find out, what  are your thoughts on Tour Eiffel, do you like it or indifferent?

Me, Taylor and a room of screaming girls……

Without sounding like a ‘mad’ person.     I loved Taylor Swifts  ‘SPEAK NOW’ concert at Vector Arena in Auckland.

I know a handful of her songs….unlike the screaming banshee teenager girls and i know there were some teenage boys there too.

The show was amazing, she did not let us down.

NZ was the end of her 13 Month tour, how lucky for us.  She is an amazing, inspirational young woman and thought i would share some photos i took of the night……

Paris in Winter……..Paris en hiver

I am in love…..

I have come home, I am in Paris….and it is love at first sight…..

Paris has enveloped me into her……..she has me bathing in all her glory, i do not even notice the rain dropping heavily around me.

I think my husband is wishing he wasn’t here,  he has become invisible to me, as Paris is soaking into my soul.

I am floating, consumed by the beauty that surrounds me, the smells are seeping into my cells.

……i have been transported to another time and i am there in body and spirit….in love.

this is what i found ………….

Always take laughter and wine…..

Picture this if you may…….

Me sitting on this wonderful A380 Lufthansa plane,  2 cocktails (glassses of wine) that i just so happened to pour down my throat in quick successon,  me, constantly staring out the window on the beautiful clear evening wondering if we actually are flying high enough and should i really be seeing those cities lights down below. And thankful that we flew much higher over a certain volatile area of the world.

Ear phones  jammed into my ears as i watch the latest movie of my selection and thinking that the less than 20 movies in English doesnt seem quite enough.

Just having filled my belly with the yummiest German cuisine and awaiting a coffee from the elusive but pleasant cabin crew……….. my husband is offered his cup of tea which he takes diligently from the German beauty and  then tries to commit himself as to where on his tray he is going to put it.  When out of the corner of my eye i spy him juggling ridiculously with a sachet of sugar which then promptly flings itself out of his hand and on to the floor.  Which is obviously too much for my brain and i crack up laughing.

But my enthusiasm for all things funny is not met with the same gay abandon that i am feeling……….they both look at me as if ,yes, she has lost it, and she says to my husband  “vot is she larfing about??”.  which much to her dismay, i do not stop laughing. but take my coffee and try to contain myself as my husband tries to explain to her…..i hear him mumble something about mental and escaping the institution.   she nods and looks sadly at me, then quickly moves on.  nothing going on here…

So i survived another plane flight across the globe to my not chosen destination, Frankfurt.  The A380 is a wonderful plane and just says “rubbish, is that the best you can do?” to the turbulance we encounter.

We are now actually running through the airport to find our gate to get us to Paris, past the lovely gorgeous German food that is saying “eat me” , past the smoking room little box thingies that if you didnt have lung cancer before…you certainly would be lucky enough to get it now… slightly complaining that ” my bag is actually quite heavy and do you think you could carry it?” mode….this is met with ..not much.

… we leap into our plane that will deliver us to Paris..the city of love.

“I’m gonna sleep on this flight” i say. Yeah right.  who am i kidding……….See you in Paris.