Always take laughter and wine…..

Picture this if you may…….

Me sitting on this wonderful A380 Lufthansa plane,  2 cocktails (glassses of wine) that i just so happened to pour down my throat in quick successon,  me, constantly staring out the window on the beautiful clear evening wondering if we actually are flying high enough and should i really be seeing those cities lights down below. And thankful that we flew much higher over a certain volatile area of the world.

Ear phones  jammed into my ears as i watch the latest movie of my selection and thinking that the less than 20 movies in English doesnt seem quite enough.

Just having filled my belly with the yummiest German cuisine and awaiting a coffee from the elusive but pleasant cabin crew……….. my husband is offered his cup of tea which he takes diligently from the German beauty and  then tries to commit himself as to where on his tray he is going to put it.  When out of the corner of my eye i spy him juggling ridiculously with a sachet of sugar which then promptly flings itself out of his hand and on to the floor.  Which is obviously too much for my brain and i crack up laughing.

But my enthusiasm for all things funny is not met with the same gay abandon that i am feeling……….they both look at me as if ,yes, she has lost it, and she says to my husband  “vot is she larfing about??”.  which much to her dismay, i do not stop laughing. but take my coffee and try to contain myself as my husband tries to explain to her…..i hear him mumble something about mental and escaping the institution.   she nods and looks sadly at me, then quickly moves on.  nothing going on here…

So i survived another plane flight across the globe to my not chosen destination, Frankfurt.  The A380 is a wonderful plane and just says “rubbish, is that the best you can do?” to the turbulance we encounter.

We are now actually running through the airport to find our gate to get us to Paris, past the lovely gorgeous German food that is saying “eat me” , past the smoking room little box thingies that if you didnt have lung cancer before…you certainly would be lucky enough to get it now… slightly complaining that ” my bag is actually quite heavy and do you think you could carry it?” mode….this is met with ..not much.

… we leap into our plane that will deliver us to Paris..the city of love.

“I’m gonna sleep on this flight” i say. Yeah right.  who am i kidding……….See you in Paris.


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