Trip of a lifetime…..

So okay, its finally here we are finally ready to take our trip of a lifetime to Europe.

its sounds all glamorous but we are also trying to do our trip on a bit of a small budget…limiting out stops and trips just a bit.

We said goodbye to our children at the airport as they jetted up to Auckland to spend 10 days on Waiheke Island  (this site makes me want to go there right now!!)   with 3 of their Aunties…..if thats not fun i don’t know what is!!

With goodbyes all done with, kisses blown and  us madly waving at the plane,  parallel to two other deliriously joyous parents. I kept asking myself ”  Can they even see us?” “do we keep waving madly anyway?”…. the pilot could give us the courtesy to wave at us for goodness sakes. would make me feel better if nothing else.!

bye bye little darlings….see you in a month!    Shit a month.. that is truly insane but largely  exciting.

So now we have the epic 5 hour drive to Christchurch ahead of us……oh poos and wees thats no flippin fun at all!!!    But alas there is no other way as my teleporter is at the repairers, remember!!?!?!?!

Righto we’re on the road and i’m dreaming of my first coffee stop which would be at Reids Store Cafe in  Maruia.  My favourite place in the middle of absolutely no where.  Gorgeous staff and one of them even has a beautiful
Scottish twang.  One of the cool things about Reids as well as the food and the funky stuff in the store is that when you are coming towards it from the north, you  have no idea if it is open or not until you have basically hit upon it and end up doing a massive slide into the carpark……or maybe that is just us.  (okay small minds, small amusements)

Anyways, coffee stores topped up…. loo stop done ready to hit the  road again through the Lewis Pass.   One of the most beautiful roads in NZ  .

Do not waste whats left of your taste buds and eat at Springs Junction… will be mightily disappointed….don’t say i didnt warn you.  The Loos are really gross too, and if  you’re extra lucky you may get a sandfly bite or two!

Toilet stops along the way are usually planned…by me.  And i often see if i can hold on for longer, not because ot an internal mind game, but because i am astutely aware of the cars my husband has conquered to get us thus far!

We arrive at my parents place in Kaiapoi, its my mothers birthday and i toss her present at her lovingly.    She looks happy…but then once she opens it i realise that a vase is not the best gift for someone living in Canterbury……epic fail.

Look at the time..better go get on that plane , “i say” awkwardly.

they drop us off at the long goodbyes here.  Just the two of us and our thoughts of whats to come in foreign lands.

Throught the first of many metal detectors which i of course set off and have to be zapped with the hand held zapper, not because i tried to run away, but because i don’t know anyother name to name it.

Hooray we are on the plane and heading to Auckland.

Need i remind you we have been up since 5am. And its now 11pm.  We are trying to rest at
Auckland international Airport , waiting to board our Singapore Airlines flight bound for  dah dah dah dah  Singapore.  I need to be having a drink…why am i not drinking?    I just wanna get on the flight and sleep………

See you in Singapore.


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