And it goes like this……

Beautiful Kaiteriteri Beach

…a day at the beach……

My family:

Chilly bin


bottles of water

Gluten free foods:     Rice Crackers, Soda crackers (slightly stale… ugh)

Chickpea dip  : homemade ..Yum!


Watermelon and fruit for the children.




couple of gardening digging tools (these often never make it to the beach with us, i was quite surprised to see them actually!)

2 somewhat happy to be going to the beach children. (one happier and less tired than the other)

me; book, sunnies, hat and chair.  (no one talk to me until i say so…)

Often when we go to the beach we are so disorganised it is quite embarrassing. maybe its just me.  when the children were younger we often never had stuff for them to play with or dig with and sat there staring longingly at other peoples wonderful beach gear, and tried to improvise.  Sometimes i feel sorry for my children…but i get over it pretty quick.

Family with 2 young children under the age of 10:





rug          and the similarities stop right there….

boogy boards

plethora of play toys

boards to throw into the water

more play toys

wet suits


happy children

……im sure the list goes on and on and on and on.

I’m sure we arent the only ones inept in the “keeping our children happy and content party”.  i think i just never like having to be responsible for so much stuff just to go to the beach.

My heart bled today for one wee girl who looked about 3-4 years old that was being dragged by her mother along the beach for goodness only knows what and being told she was going to be sitting on the ‘naughty’ chair till teatime……”come on lady it was barely 3pm!!”   whatever happened to dignity…dignity for you and dignity for the child??!  and that had me wondering,  where on earth was the naughty chair…we are at the beach….and lady, you are, by far, ruining more peoples day than your poor little toddler.

and now i sit here and am watching my once was a builder and my son making dinner…i repeat making dinner….and i am loving it!   pies for tea, and lettuce.

and i have broken my detox diet with a bloody glass of well deserved  wine…

my day……….

Hows your day been?


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