Other peoples ideas…….

I love someone with a great idea, even a semi great idea i will take into consideration and think about it and may even run with it, if i like the sound of it and it works with my ethos.

Some ideas i see little value in if they are too tiresome on my own already filled and somewhat hassled life.  (like many of my husbands…..bless him)  (does that make the comment any less harsh?)

there i have said it… i often portray myself and my life as in complete control….guffaw…probably so far from the truth.

In my dreams and hopes i have a completely controlled life which swings in and out of perfection………   well hey, they do say dreams are free.

But how many of us truly  are ‘livin’ the dream??     i say this as i move to sit at my table and stand on an almond that is somehow on the floor….where did this come from? is my first thought and how long has it been there?    ………

enough about the almond on the floor!  i just threw it out the window.

Who else wakes up in the morning, surveys their house and living arrangements and has a plan in their head on what is going to happen that day ……and then  wham, life takes over!
Tell me i cant be the only one who strives for the ‘ideal’ ?!?!?!?!?!

Assuming  I am,  I invariably think on how i would like my house to look and the day i will have planning and rearranging and the like……and then children come along and want attention, washing needs doing, dishes need doing, housework needs doing….

Often i find myself searching for “something else” in this life God has blessed me with.

… just when  i  decided that this year is the year of ME! my husband decides that our diet needs a revamp (which i try desperately not to take personally..cos thats the kind of person i am…) and this inturn means…more work for me. why? ahhhhh, cos he doesnt (or won’t) cook.

i’m the one that does the menu searching, planning, sourcing, cooking.   I used to love cooking….back in the day when it was enjoyable, but now i find it a chore.  but i daren’t leave it up to my husband……… cos i may be a bit of a control freak…but only a little and he’s more of one.  whew,  the home truths are flowing out this morning.?!?!!?  (not sure where all of this is coming , or going to , but i am gonna keep rolling with it!)

anywho…..what i need to go back to is regarding the anticandida diet we are tackling.  now in theory, i see real benefit in it, who doesnt want to reduce their sugar intake, breads etc.   Me , i do, but i would prefer someone else doing the work of preparing the wonderful meals for me and then i would  have the honour of  relaxing in the chair or outside and await the royal call to the table and eat my glorious meal.  perhaps i was a princess in my previous life..

……..i cannot see this happening anytime in the near future as i did not marry a prince!  perhaps i read too many novels.

i think we are on to day 3 of the diet and as i am only partially doing the diet…still drinking coffee…. i am feeling some benefits.   perhaps a little bit of cleansing is going on…if you know what i mean.

today i will whip up the ingredients for a liver and colon cleanse.   Simple products that you pick up from the health food store and add to water and proceed to drink throughout the day.   So in making my life more simple, this weekend i have planned for my husband to go on a liquid cleanse diet (he won’t know what’s hit him).  i may infact join him in this quest for better health.  Surely it can only be good for me….

I thought i would throw in my February picture of the day which is -Words.  You can find info on joining in on www.fatmumslim.com.au or on her facebook page.  There is a photo task for everyday of February.  If thats too much for you, do a day of photo’s ie, one photo an hour.

Get creative, you may have some fun in the process.

what do you strive for in your everyday life?


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