My Tops of 2011…..

Often at this time of the year contributors, journos and such, compile their lists of ‘must haves’,  ‘top this’, ‘top that’ ‘best ofs’.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I often scroll through said lists to see what products are moving and shaking our world.

Some great lists cause me to ponder more deeply, and I may at times go out and try out the products .

Sometimes these lists are made up of products that the reviewer may have been sent by product developers and marketers, can I truly trust these lists?

Well i thought i would inflict upon you my list for 2011.  What I think are the tops of 2011 for me and my family.  I have had no endorsements from any of these producers and at the end of the day its what we (me)  think that matters… (no animals or children were harmed in the production of this list)

Top song of the year:  Moves like Jagger,  Maroon 5  (just because Adam L is soooo damn hot)

Top item of clothing:   My Sunnygirl Pink ‘Pleather’ Jacket (probably paid too much, but i love it)

Top electronic :  My car radio  (as i can really crank up the volume and my cars acoustics are brilliant)

Top drink of the year:   my morning coffee  (gotta have something to look forward to in life)

Top shoe of the year:  My old low heeled leather boots (gotta love the bootmakers)

Top dinner of the year:   One that i didnt have to cook

Top medication of the year: Hayfever medication for my children (anything to solve this problem)

Top sweet of the year: anything with sugar in it. (who could pick just one?!)

Top holiday of the year: would have to be the one coming up in December to Europe

Top makeup of the year: Elizabeth Arden  with L’Oreal very close second. (i’m feeling price conscious)

Top of moisturiser of the year:   anything by Elizabeth Arden (it helps when you work at a Pharmacy)

Top childrens program of the year:  Fineas and Ferb  (I have learnt many a thing from that cartoon)

Top shampoo of the year:  the one I find in my shower  (my hairdresser stopped trying to sell me shampoo gazillions of years ago)

Top television program:  any  David Attenborough series’ (the only time i let my husband have the remote)

 Top embarrassing moment:   anything I do when with my teenage daughter

Top stressful moment: anything I do when with my teenage daughter

So thats my list for 2011.    

I know the year hasn’t finished quite yet, but i was feeling nostalgic and procrastinating on the fact that i have yet to make up my ephemeral christmas list.

But i suppose i actually have to write a real  Christmas and holiday list, as Christmas is just 8 days away!!………

….Sorry, I just took a moment or 3, to formulate how we have arrived at December so abruptly.

Its all happening, I tell you.     So I hope you have enjoyed my list,  and whats on yours?


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