Plantain Cream….

One of my favourite programs at present is ‘Grow your own Drugs’.

Its fronted by James Wong who happens to be a Botanist showcasing readily available herbs, vegetables and flowers to make natural remedies, which floats my boat immensely.

I have made my own creams, sprays, scrubs etc before, but i hadnt used plants before.  But this week i was ready for anything.

Lucky  for me, my once was a builder husband hadnt mowed the lawn for a week and we had had copious amounts of rain, this in turn caused the weeds to grow, grow , grow.    Better for me and the plantain.

Thankfully Mr Wong has photos of his herbs  as i wasn’t too sure what Plantain looked like….sure enough i found it in my garden……Yeeeeha!

To save me writing space you will find his recipe here.  I have included the site with a couple of other recipes for you to try, so just scroll down to find Plantain Cream.

I am not one to completely follow recipes ingredients…i often like to improvise, which i did in this case.  seemed to work out ok, and my son used it on his spots i told you about previously and he said it had smoothed them down….that works for me.

I think this may be my new “everything’ cream.  Check these out….


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