Santa is coming………….

Yes, its  true,  Santa Claus is coming…

My 5 year old nephew asked his mother the other day ” does Santa have to apply for the job and then have an interview and then relocate to the north pole?”

What a good question……”does he?”…….  ” i don’t think so”  “HE’S SANTA!!!”

Ahhh, the innocence of children!

Today is Christmas tree day…. and for the first time in my 41 years of my history we are putting up a FAko tree, that is, a non real one. 

  It was a pain staking decision to make and the conversation went something like this… 

me: “we need to go buy a tree this weekend” 

 once was a builder : “ok, don’t the children suffer from hayfever?” 

 me: ” yes, and your point is?!” 

  once was a builder: ” well, do you think perhaps we need to get a fake one” 

 me: ” errr , ok then”  ” hey, you have one at your work,  why not bring that home tomorrow?” 

 once was a builder ” ok”.  

 Problem solved, no hayfever…i am pure genius!!!

Let the Christmas festivities begin … Christmas carols, decorations, fun and frovility….. most days over the last 2 weeks Hamish has asked me whether they are getting choc advent calendars….and i reply..”probably not” when i need to say unequivocally  “no”.   But who wants to shatter the dreams of a 12 year old.

I often dream of making an advent calendar, perhaps next year is that year.

So out will come the decorations of past Christmas’ and the dire decisions of do we theme or not? oh, the stresses of Christmas, i need a lie down……

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