Jobless and feeling it…..

  • Well its official I am now jobless…..  to cut a long story short…. i finish up my job at the Pharmacy tomorrow.  I am feeling rather numb. i feel like i want to cry….and i don’t know why.

Its not like i really knew what i was doing all of the time….i did half of the time and the rest.. i winged it.  Do what i do best.

So a few weeks before Christmas I am unemployed, a bum, a housewife once again.   Money will be tight……

Pondering my fate that is in my hands……..sigh.

But i will look on the positive sides…..holidays with my children before i go away on my big OE with my once was a builder Husband.  Which i need to tell  you about….on another day.

So while i feel slightly sorry for myself, i think i will pour a glass of wine, think of how  i can disguise the Tofu I am going to serve up to my 2 men for dinner  and do some baking for my work “shout”, as thats what you do, apparently, and who am i to not follow the rules!!

I wonder if i will get my Christmas bonus this year…………………………………………..



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