pacifiers, dummies and their parents……

Isn’t it funny how somethings can make you more questioning at certain times , for me at the moment it just happens to be babies with pacifiers.

Now for those of the uninitiated these pacifiers are plastic and rubber or silicone  small mouth sized contraptions that parents place, shove, or attach to babies clothing in earnest to see their baby suck on the nipple of these things for a myriad of reasons, and its these reasons that have made me curious…

The pacifier dates back to 17 th Century, but its uses were perhaps not so altruistic. according to Wikipedia they were teething rings, of which we still see today.  what i am interested in what our fascination of them is and why are parents using them, especially in new born babies…of which i can see no benefit except perhaps laziness.

Are parents using them to have their children self soothe or are there more  sinister reasons that even some parents have no clue as to why they use one…or why they were even developed.   Every human being has  basic needs to be a balanced rounded person…to be honest i am not too sure how many of us are in that bracket, yes i did include myself in that group!  depends on what day of the month it is of course!!

Take Maslows Hierachy of Needs …. yes, the gorgeous triangle below.  This triangle shows what each and every human being needs to be a balanced and social member of society  … and i didn’t see pacifier anywhere!

….okay so i have seuged a wee bit… but i am coming to a point, truly i am.

For me i look at children with pacifiers and the first thing i think of it ‘ why are they having it during the day ?’ and ‘why does that new born baby need one?’ and “please get that blasted thing out of that gorgeous creatures mouth”!!… not necessarily in that order.

I have 2 children and my eldest had one, but my youngest didn’t,  and right about now i hear you saying” hypocrite”.

Mostly i hated it, nothing worse than a toddler trying to talk to you with a mouth full of dummy. We restricted it to mainly sleeping times……but not being a perfect person it would sneak itself out during the day….damn it you dummy, how did you get here ???!

I remember when we decided to wean her of it,  you talk to a myriad of people, get their “points of view” and then pick the best fit.

I also remember the day hers “popped” as she was chewing on it and that was that……gone burger.!!   HOO FLIPPIN RAY!!!

So in my humble opinion, like everything, they may have their place….but honestly i would definately NOT recommend one if someone asked..i would run a mile from one…..they are a parents disaster waiting to happen….let the child self sooth, question yourselves , why, why, why.

So in  the end, my curiousity as to why parents are using pacifiers has not been answered.   … this space or this dummy.


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