children and money…

….i opened up bank accounts for my children the other day. not a  very exciting thing, one might say, but to me it was the beginning of the end per se.

We have started paying them an allowance each month, in the hope that we may part with less money…. the jury is still out on that one.

With this allowance they have to buy their non essential clothing and anything else that i refuse to buy.    Over the past few months , I have worked out that children are Grand Manipulators!!!!  and where did they learn this?… well us of course, me, stupid! seems so.

my daughter tries to turn every item into a need, rather than a want and i find myself fighting the urge to purchase it for her, what a big sucker i am.

my son on the otherhand, i think he is a squirrel and storing his money somewhere. nevertheless they both seem to have money when they need it.  Lucky them, and i have on occasion ‘borrowed’ from them.  “yes, yes ,yes i will pay it back…honest”  heee heee heee (tell them what they want to hear!)  i just didn’t say what century that will be now did i ?!?.

anyways we opened their accounts, sign here, sign there give me a password, choose a number, don’t tell ya mum , (yes eftpos cards).  Told the do’s and dont’s blah blah blah… i do wonder if master 12 did pay any attention at all…the broken rubber on his $12 shoe seemed far more exciting.

Woah! said miss 14 suddenly, stopping the lovely bank lady to question something that we may have scooted over in light haste..(the ‘we’ being me) she was questioning why i had set them up a Charity account.  So i confidently mumbled  “so at the end of the year, you can give that money to your chosen charity, as a % of your allowance will go into it” (end of non conversation!) now miss 14 wasn’t going to take this sitting down, but she was too polite to stand up and make her point…it did go on a little longer, but i will spare you the details.

But this got me thinking…. i may be a hypocrite and this does not make me feel good.  I give to a foundation for teenagers once a year, and sometimes give to cancer collectors, but i don’t really give regularly to one or two chosen charities.  I am really good at fobbing off callers on the phone, smiling at collectors in the street, but not actually always giving.  I know what i don’t like in a charity, thats easy, but what is it i do like and what type of Charity would i like to donate regularly to?    so with this new piece of learned knowledge about myself, once again brought on by ,my children i find myself thinking of what charity i would like to regularly donate to. I have given myself a 3 week deadline  and will let you know in due course.

1945 New Zealand Health stamp, Charity stamp. ...
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