kitchen appliances and left over bits……

…….well here i go, this is an attempt to get out of my head the goo that spins around in it.

i’m not sure about you but as time goes on, i feel more compelled to care less of what people think of me and more about my inner being. is this selfish…no, definately not. but that is the beauty about life…my life.

As i sit here my dishwasher is doing its thing, however, by its thing, i mean its not doing its whole thing that well. you see it has been broke for a few weeks, well we thought it was broke, but it turns out that it was terribly blocked. 8 years of blocked to be exact(hands up if you know what that feels like?”), who knew they get blocked with lime, but there ya go.

….so any who my darling once was a builder decided that he would tackle the problem head on. dismantle the whole dear thing.  And this unsurprisingly went off very well indeed, he only had one seal left over but hid that somewhere in the abyss of the machine.  “well done good man ” i thought, perhaps even said it to the once was a Builder. we didn’t dwell on the fact that it took longer than expected, and that i didnt even notice it had been returned to its rightful place….ehem,  on to the positives. so yaaay yippee…it works again and only a few dollars spent on extra parts. i can put our little slaves… er i mean children back to the job they have been missing…not.

so away we stacked and stacked and stacked and stacked…(you get the picture..) close the door, open the door, put in the powder cleaning stuff close the door, open the door check all the spinny things can spin freely, close the door, stand back everyone, we’re gonna push start….. and she’s off…so far so good, she’s working..(little excited dance around the kitchen).not mimicked by once was a Builder tho” good grief” was his response. ahhh the sweet sound of the modern engineering equipment first built back in  1886 by Josephine Cochran, what a lovely talented woman she was ….. and the excitement stopped there….as on closer unmicroscopic viewing, we discovered a pool of water sashay over the kitchen floor and no i did not pee myself!..the blasted thing was leaking.

what a waste of my little excited dance…back to the drawing board once was a Builder i say….so another day has gone by and our poor soulless dishwasher is sitting on blocks awaiting its next fate…..”off with its head”  they cry….. its useless, but no its not,  as once was a builder says he can once again bring it back from the brink of despair, …. this i await with baited breathe….. and while we wait can someone please come over and do my dishes!!!


2 thoughts on “kitchen appliances and left over bits……

  1. Hey sweet girl – I feel honoured to be in on your inaugural blog. I like the flowers on the banner / top bit 🙂

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